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Material:Baby lamb<br> Very soft mouton neck warmer.
Mouton with hair dyed in light grey from the ground condition and then nappa processed with black on the surface.
The top is dyed white and has a color gradation.
Since the hair is stretched with an iron, an air layer is formed, and it has excellent heat retention.
There are 3 snap buttons, so you can use them in various ways depending on how you fasten them.

* Incarnation leather goes through several steps and is hand-crafted by the craftsman until the final finish. It is created with care. As we process intensely product dyeing and softening,
Please note that there are some spots and scratches.
In addition, product dyeing is not colored to leave a texture. Please be careful about color fading when managing.
They use oil at the production stage. So we recommend that you avoid as much care as possible by applying the oil yourself.


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