Since he was a child the designer of incarnation, Keita Ogawa, has been fascinated with leather and always dreamed of being part of this intriguing world. In 1998 he joined United Arrows co.,ltd. and was a sales person for Chrome Hearts and then, from 2001 onwards, their Tokyo sales manager. In 2004 he met the leather artisan, Isamu Katayama Backlash, and started working for the designer in order to learn more about leather techniques, tanning and the potential of leather innovation. When Backlash went into the overseas market they started collaborating with overseas tanners and developing high quality leather clothing. Keita Ogawa became independent from "Backlash" in 2009 and established "Incarnation"- men's leather wear. Then he decided to move to Florence, and He is presently living in Florence and creating new high quality leather with the tanner "Guidi 1896 SRL".
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